Gleeter is a social fashion app, but not only. Its software can calculate your exact measurements in seconds, allowing you to find the right clothes through an outstanding range of brands. Through the app you will be able to make purchases, create trends or outfits and share them with your friends. Follow and be followed by others. Finding the perfect fit has never been this easy.



WHAT should I wear?

WHERE can I find the perfect outfit?

WHO can give me advice?



My numbers

Did you know that nowadays it is possible to take your exact measurements with your phone? It’s fast, easy and private.

My closet

Picture Gleeter as a gigantic store with a tidy owner. Everything has its place, arranged by brands, item type, colors. Constantly updated! No more shopping time ruined by all the things we don’t want.

My friends

Opinions are important when choosing clothes. Thanks to Gleeter, you can seek advice, express your fashion talents and share content. No matter where you are.



WHAT sets Gleeter apart from online resellers?

First of all, you are sure to get a perfect fit. Can’t go wrong with precise measurements.

Secondly, Gleeter’s main feature is its social network. Talking about current and future purchases is a big deal. (And of course you can advise people too.)

Third, you can find inspiration in your friend’s trends and our catalogs.

(And so much more…)



WHY invest?

Gleeter solves many problems that have been exposed:

Finding that perfect fit, saving time, logistics and energy.

Thus, Gleeter helps fashion companies to be greener reducing their product return rate.

On the cutting edge of technology:

Blockchain technology for making payments easier and safer

AI for being more accurate with your shape,

BigData for fueling our predictive models.



HOW does it look?

Look is the first thing someone notices. That applies to design too. Below you’ll see some visuals of the Gleeter app.




A trend




News Feed



WHY choose us?


One of Gleeter’s features is the Shaper that helps you know your exact measurements in seconds. And with those numbers, we are gonna find the perfect size for you in all the brands. It’s simple, smart and fast.


Every day people will post their trends, which means that every day you’ll have more inspiration. That’s the only time we encourage stealing ideas! 


The real opinion comes from someone who knows you.Thanks to Gleeter’s social network, family and friends will be able to give advice wherever they are. And your opinion matters too!


Our team



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