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‘What should I wear tomorrow? Did I gain or loss weight? Where can I find a jacket that stick to my shoes?’
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shape tracker

Use your smartphone’s full potential by taking a picture of your body, deduce a model of it, and get your exact measurements in seconds. Compare your body shape evolution, schedule your fitness exercises, and monitor your physical progress.



Find your style, build your image, embrace your desires. Gleeter is the one app that only proposes you clothes you like, and remember your preferences. Save your wardrobe on your phone, try everything, assemble items quickly according your day-to-day needs.



Stop asking strangers. Nobody knows you better than your friends and family. Send them your combinations, ask them about your look before getting clothes. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest. Create, post, comment and receive notifications.

Free storage costs

The benefit of a 100% online application store is that your customer cross your path without moving from his chair. Your ability to offer a full range of product without the physical storage saves money and time in inventory management for your business.

A successful sale the first time

Gleeter allows customer to find garments at a glance that suits and fits him in few seconds. For you, it is a long distance sale with high satisfaction, which implies less return to shipper expenses.

Free sales force

Let your brands and products do all the work. A self-sold clothe increase your income. We are making sure your offer is enhanced, well displayed, so you may turn it into a powerful sales support.

How does it work ?

the best way to do things is to do them simple

Gleeter is mainly a social network, but not only. Thanks to the Gleeter app that will allow you to get your measurements in seconds, you will be able to find clothes that you like, create your trends, and follow or be followed by others.

If some existing networks, blogs, or websites allow you to find clothes that will never fit you, you will now be able to download premade trends, and the app will automatically adapt the clothes at your measurements. All you have to do is to buy them or not.

  • Less than 60 seconds processing and get everything

  • All you need is 3 pictures

  • Once done, all you need is your imagination


Viken Takvorian

CFO & Co-Founder
11 years of experience in corporate financing and wealth management: including contracting project study, marine vessel fleet financing, currency hedging, working capital, import-Export financing, wealth management and fiscal optimization for wealthy families.


CEO & Founder
10 years experience in leading IT transformation programs for Top 40 French companies: Total, BNP Group, EDF, BICS, Société Générale, AXA, Carrefour, Areva, Allianz. Acts as an expert in digitalization and cloud transformation.

Simon Bouchaud-Enius

CMO & Co-Founder
8 years experience in marketing B2B2C, CRM, and Community Management, for FedEx, Pasteur Institute, and Altedia Finance. Promotes brands on European markets, builds campaigns and designs products UX.


In 2015, Social network apps were the most downloaded application, followed by music and utilities. For online sales, the most popular type of goods and services purchased in the EU zone was clothes and sport goods, which represents 60 % of e-buyers. Gleeter combines both thanks to its app: it is a social network who allows customers to find and buy well-fitted clothes, but also to create, share and download trends online.

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